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Volunteers are an essential part of Westwood’s comprehensive educational and enrichment programs. Together, the staff and parents of Westwood Charter School work hard to inspire our children with a love of learning and to provide them with the environment and tools to learn successfully. Without volunteers to lead activities and fundraise, many essential programs would not exist.

Maintaining Westwood’s tradition of academic excellence requires a commitment FROM EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. Whether the amount of time and resources you have to share is small or large, there is a valuable contribution that you can make. Volunteering is a wonderful way to participate in your child's education and show him or her that you think school is important.

All LAUSD volunteers must submit an application. The application will be reviewed by school staff and then forwarded to the central Parent and Community Branch for district approval.  In addition to the application, the volunteer commitment form,  a COVID-19 waiver and release of liability, and health clearances are required for all volunteers. All on campus volunteers must upload proof of a COVID19 vaccination to their Daily Pass portal.   Tier II and Tier III volunteers must also provide clearance of TB prior to starting volunteer service. New LAUSD volunteer TB results are valid for up to 60 days prior to starting volunteer services. TB clearance for continuing volunteers is valid for a period of up to four years.  Applicants should submit recent TB results, or TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire completed by their physician, along with the volunteer commitment form to our main office.  Tier III volunteers are identified by the school and only Tier III volunteers will need to provide finger print clearance.  LAUSD utilizes California's Megan's Law Database and all volunteers will be vetted by school staff in the database prior to their application being approved.