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gate.                                                                                                                                LAUSD Board of Education has adopted a plan for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), which includes District policies and procedures for identifying gifted learners in seven categories: Intellectual Ability, High Achievement, Specific Academic Ability, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Creative Ability, and Leadership Ability. The District’s policies and procedures for gifted/talented identification are in accordance with California State requirements. For more information click here.


LAUSD Identification Options and Process


Westwood Charter Implements Residential School Program Model


Westwood Charter GATE FAQ

Q: Will my child’s teacher know they are identified as GATE?

A: Yes, teachers are informed of GATE identification.


Q: How are GATE students grouped at Westwood? A: Westwood implements the Residential School Gate program model where GATE identified students are in clusters and evenly spread out amongst classrooms. The percentage of GATE students in each classroom varies from classroom to classroom and from year to year, based on the number of GATE students at any given time.


Q: How do teachers differentiate for GATE students?

A: Teachers deliver whole class instruction at or above grade level, and differentiate the curriculum to include higher level instruction. Differentiation based on individual learning interests, needs, and abilities can take the form of student and teacher initiated individualized extension of the curriculum combined with depth and complexity of curriculum. Instruction for students who are identified gifted and talented includes opportunities for them to practice critical thinking and creative problem solving in conjunction with subject matter acquisition and content mastery. Classroom teachers monitor progress regularly using data from DIBELS, TRC and individual student/teacher conferencing as well as curriculum-based assessments in each subject area.


Q: What does this look like in the classroom?

A: Curricular experiences that are planned, implemented and evaluated in order to maximize student potential. Differentiation of the core curriculum can include flexible groupings, acceleration of content, independent study, tiered assignments/questioning and interest/learning centers.


Q: Are teachers given special training to meet the needs of GATE students?

A: Our staff is engaged in on-going professional development where differentiation and students need are addressed. Teachers are provided time to collaborate with their colleagues to build instructional units that incorporate California standards, student interests, and depth and complexity.


Additional information can be found on the LAUSD GATE Website