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Parent Contract & Expectations

As an affiliated charter school, our success depends on a well-informed and involved parent body to support the teachers and administration. Therefore, we count on parental participation in the following areas to help our children and our school.


1.  Support W.I.S.E.’s fundraising efforts.  WISE is our parent-run organization which oversees all major fundraising at Westwood Charter.  The largest and most important fundraiser of the year is the Education and Enrichment Fund Drive.  Due to the shrinking funds provided to Westwood Charter from LAUSD, without the Drive and our other major fundraising efforts, Westwood Charter would not be able to continue its current level of important, necessary, and basic programs and services such as:  the number of teachers needed to continue at the current class size levels, teacher’s aides, art/music/drama/P.E./gardening programs; librarian, computers and technology study, maintenance and janitorial staff, and professional development for our teachers.  Without W.I.S.E. fundraising efforts, we would have fewer teachers, teacher aides, enhancement programs, and janitorial services.


2.  Support Your Child’s Teacher and Classroom.  This includes supporting fundraising efforts for classroom-specific projects, volunteering to drive on field trips, and supporting your child’s teacher in additional projects and needs as they arise.  Participate in parent-teacher conferences and check in with your teacher to see how you can help make your child’s classroom better. 


3.  Stay on top of what’s going on at Westwood Charter.  Keeping informed is easy as well as important.  Read the e-mails sent by the school, most of which are time sensitive.  Read the Westwood Window, our school newspaper, e-mailed to you monthly.  Regularly visit the Westwood Charter website for updates on important school events. 


4.  Become involved in the day-to-day operations of Westwood Charter.  You can help make a difference with your opinion!  Attend W.I.S.E. meetings, SBM meetings and our principal’s coffee meetings (the times and dates of which are set out in e-mails from your Room Representative and the Westwood Window).  Your voice and point of view are important; we are all part of this community.


5.  Volunteer your time and efforts.  You can help make a difference with your time! There are many ways to lend your time and skills to Westwood Charter.  Please read the volunteer packet for additional information about how to get involved. 


6.  Support the school in academic and disciplinary matters.  This includes supporting your child in the following areas: completion and return of homework, regular attendance, and prompt arrival.  The yard is open at 7:45 am.  The first bell rings at 8:05 a.m., and your child will be tardy if not in his/her seat by 8:10 am.  Do not use 8:10 am as your target arrival time.  If your child arrives late, you will be required to sign them in at the office.  Tardy children will require a pass to enter their classrooms.  Your cooperation in our academic efforts and citizenship standards encourages your child to obey school rules and solidifies the partnership between school and home.


7.  Support the safety standards of our school.  In order to ensure the safety of all our children while coming to and leaving from school, it is imperative that all parents respect and abide by the following:

Traffic Safety Guidelines:

  • Drop off and pick up students without blocking traffic.
  • Always cross at the corner with children (do not jaywalk).
  • Do not park in No Parking or Red Zones.
  • Do not block driveways.
  • Never use the Teacher Parking Lot for drop-off or pick-up.
  • Never double park.

8.  Maintain confidentiality when volunteering.  Parent volunteers must adhere to the following policy:

"As a parent volunteer at Westwood Charter School, I agree that it is my responsibility to preserve and protect the right of privacy of any child that I observe, or have contact with, in the course of my work at school.  I will protect the confidentiality of children by not discussing them with others.  I will contact only the child's teacher if I have pertinent information that must be shared."