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School Calendar

Dear Westwood Families,


The LAUSD School Board approved the 2022-23 calendar. You can review the calendar by clicking here.  School attendance is directly linked to student success and the LAUSD has set a target of 96% attendance for all students. Please make note of the days school is not in session and plan your family’s vacations and appointments accordingly. We understand that students may miss school due to illness and other unforeseeable situations. We appreciate your continued support in helping our students succeed.



Kathy Flores



The Westwood Charter School calendar (see below) is available on Google Calendar. Please see below information on how to subscribe and include it in your own calendar (Google, Yahoo, Outlook and others) or have it appear on your iPhone, Android, or other mobile device. We also have print-friendly PDF versions available for download.

To subscribe to our Calendar, paste the following iCal (ics) link into your calendar settings.  The iCal format will allow you to view the Westwood Charter calendar online within your own calendars on Google, Yahoo, Outlook and others. You can also view the calendar in your iPhone, Android, or other mobile device when you set it up with the iCal (ics) link. 


By using the iCal format, you can see the Westwood calendar live, including any updates that happen throughout the year as new events are announced.  Please check with your calendar or device manufacturer for instructions on how to enable iCal (ics) subscriptions.


iCal format (copy and paste this link into your calendar's settings): 

HTML format (view in your web browser):